Jordie and Bronwen

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August - Pawgust - Guide Dogs - We're back!!! 

This is the 5th year that Jordie and I have done Pawgust, and we've signed up to walk a minimum of 60 minutes a day - rain, hail, or freezing cold Melbourne weather - we'll be out there.

Pawgust makes August my favourite month of the year. We love raising awareness and much needed funds so the Guide Dogs can continue their fabulous work.

It costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just 1 Guide Dog! In our first 4 years of Pawgust we have had incredible support from family, friends and colleagues.  So much so that we have now raised enough for 1 guide dog, and now we are on to raising $ for the 2nd one!!  

Jordie and I thank you very much for your support and if you can manage it, your donation. Every bit counts. 

B & J xx

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Thank you to my SupPAWters


Montgomery Investment Management

Thank you sincerely again, Bronwen for the wonderful work you are doing to support those with impaired sight and for contributing to their independence and freedom. Thank you also for helping to create beautiful companions. And finally, thank you for doing this work so that we can contribute in a small way too. Roger


Chris And Nicky Joye


Cameron Brownjohn


Ian Macoun

Great to see you and Jordie are doing it yet again this year, Bronwen. Cheers, Ian


Christopher Page

Rug up and enjoy your walks.


Petspiration Foundation Matched Donation


Steve Shepherd

Happy walking!


Lisa Rose

All the best Bronwen & Jordie!


Patrick Hodgens

Keep up the kms Jordie and Bronwen. Great cause and great effort.


David Wright

Great work Bron, good to see you and Jordie committed again this year! Well done, terrific cause.


Stuart Devlin

Well done Jordie and Bronwen, great cause!


Damien Mcintyre

You're a star Bronwen!


Rob Adams

Awesome work Bronwyn!


Mark Landau

Well done Bron! Fantastic cause


Bronwen Moncrieff


Zane Bernstein

All the best !


George And Ruth

You are an inspiration- well done! 🤗👍


Angela Martyn


Keith & Jane

Jordie make sure you stick to the plan and take Bronny for a walk every day 🐾


Rodney Sebire

Great stuff B! If I didn't have an aversion to walking - I'd sign up and join you - it's such a great cause!


Maree Paton


Frank Casarotti

Well done Bronny (and Jordie) - great cause.


Will Spraggett

Well done Bronwen and Jordie. Great cause and good luck!


Jason Ciccolallo

Well done Bron and Jordie!


Petspiration Foundation Matched Donation


Anna Aitken

Good luck Bronwen - am sure Jordie will love the long walks no matter the weather! A wonderful initiative, very happy to support. Ax


Felicia Owers

So happy to support both you and gorgeous Jordie for this great cause! Hopefully lots of sunshine for you in August!


Jorden Brown

Great cause Bronwen. Best wishes to you and Jordie.


Eleanor Menniti

Good luck Bron and Jordie!


Charles Stodart

Great work, Bronwen and Jordie - what a great cause


Kerrie Howard

Congratulations Bron and Jordie, hoping the weather is much kinder to you this year! xo


Gavin Butt


Darren Hall

Well done Bronwen, consistent performance pays off!


Matt Dell

Woof Jordie W Bronwen Woof w wooof woooof. wo w woof woof woooof woof (you are doing such great work!)


Blake Henricks

Good luck Bronwen!


Dugald Higgins


Megan Aubrey

Well done Jordie and Bron (make sure you rug up!).


Jenine Hayman

Always love seeing your updates each year Bron & Jordie - all the best with reaching your goal for such an amazing cause!


Leola B Ross


Nicholas Cregan

I hope it doesn't rain too much! Go guys!


Paul Whymper-williams

Well done Bronwen & Jordie - keep up the great work. All the best, Paul


Scott Garner


Beau Titchkosky

Great work J & B.....!!!


Meera Patel


Ann Duncan

I love participating vicariously in this great annual effort by you two - enjoy the walks!!


Judy Moncrieff


Graeme Moncrieff


Rowena Cole

Go Jordie!


Manuela Sikos

Great work B


Trudy Greaves

Great work B, hope you don't get too many frosts!


Toby Potter

Hi Bronwen well done on getting out on those dark mornings. wouldn't it be more sensible if they organised this for summer!


Tracy Brown

Well done B and Jordie! Wishing you the very best for this year's walking and fund raising efforts x


Donna Lee And Miss Gina

Enjoy the walks, hugs Donna and Gina


Peter Moran

Wonderful work again you two in a great cause


Ruth Woods

You did so well last year - I can't not support you and Jordie again for such an amazing cause.


Laird Abernethy

Great cause, good luck Bronwen!


Elizabeth Trinh

J&B: you are an inspiration. Keep up the paw-abulous work!!!


Amy Teh

Good luck Jordie and Bronwen! x


Lisa Chadwick

Keep it up Bronwen! Lisa


Linda Stangherlin

You do a terrific job Bron. Always brings a tear to my eye, thinking of this and my Mums favourite charity. Coming up to he r 4 th anniversary this Sunday. Miss her very day .


Jon And Bernadette

goodonyer bron!


Sarah Angliss

Well done Bronwen & Jordie… happy walking!


Louise Thompson

Well done Bronwen and Jordie!


Amanda Ayshford


Rebecca Collins


Joel Beebe

Great work Bronwen for a fabulous cause!


Paul O'connor

Great work Bronwen and am sure Jordie enjoys Pawgust


Stuart Fechner

Walk and smile, walk and smile....keep it going, well done!


Ray Macken

Go Jordie and B !!!


Andrew Hall

Great work Bronwen!!


Holly Bruce

Go B and Jordie!


Krista Mogensen

Well done Bron and Jordie, love from Krista, & Irvin (from afar)💕


Federation Asset Management


Jock Allen


Darlene White


Tom Goodrich

Great work, Bron and Jordie!


Adele O'shannassy


Harry The Labrador


Alex Mccormick

Love your work Bron!


Hannah Micich

Well done Bron and Jordie! Keep up those steps :)


Atharv Seth

My Updates

Day 8 - the start of week 2

Week 1 in the bag! Walking is going well. Very much a joint effort. Jordie has always done at least 60 mins walking a day. Sometimes that's been with me, sometimes with Dion. Sometimes with both of us. If I haven't been able to walk with Jordie because I've been in the office - I've walked to and from work. Both keeping honest to the challenge.

Day 4

Morning walk, showing off our orange gear!

Day 1

Pawgust 2022 off and walking!

Day 3

Morning walk