The Challenge


PAWGUST is a fundraiser that encourages people and their pooches to brave the cold and walk or run at least 30 minutes every day in August to raise funds for Guide Dogs.

The funds you raise during PAWGUST will go towards helping breed, raise and train Guide Dogs so that we can create a world where everyone who needs a Guide Dog, has a Guide Dog. It costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just one Guide Dog puppy and with thousands being trained each year, every dollar raised throughout PAWGUST counts. 

Not only will you be making a difference to the life of a Guide Dog but you and your dog will love all the extra walks and runs too! PAWGUST participants experience both the physical and mental health benefits this challenge brings to their lives and how it contributes to them (and their dog!) leading happier, healthier lives. 

How it works

The people and Guide Dogs that you have helped


Wally was born in PAWGUST 2018 and was one of our original PAWGUST litters. Even from as early as four months of age when Wally was in the puppy raising program, he did not put a paw wrong at his training sessions and his puppy raisers were so proud of him. We followed him on train trips, beach walks, farm visits and many, many onsite and offsite training sessions.

Wally is a lovely, intelligent dog and is eager to learn new skills. He loves to be out working every day and especially when he gets told what a good boy he is. He starts a happy dance where he gets all wiggly and he rubs his head on your legs. Then he is back to serious work again.

Wally successfully completed his training and has been partnered with Sahar since mid-2020. "It was a bit surreal. I cried. I had been waiting for that call for so long and when it finally came, it was such an incredible feeling," recalled Sahar. Wally is exactly what Sahara and her family needed - a devoted guide dog and steadfast companion.


Wanda was also part of the original PAWGUST Pup Pack, born in PAWGUST 2018. She successfully completed puppy raising and was assessed for the Guide Dog breeding program and accepted. Soon after, Wanda settled in well with her new family, loving her morning walks and extra cuddles. She even started taking extra care of her two favourite toys, which made them think she would be a fantastic mum!

A few years later, Wanda was confirmed pregnant and had her first litter! Nine adorable puppies; four female and five male. Wanda's pups are now currently immersed in the puppy raising program and she couldn't be PAWrouder.


Born in PAWGUST 2019, Jonah was part of our second PAWGUST Litter. Being apart of a big litter, Jonah was always very happy attending training sessions because he got to see his siblings! Distractions aside though, Jonah was focused and we followed him through shopping centre visits, grooming appointments, grocery store visits (a hard one for a Labrador!) and bus trips and he was always one paw ahead.

Jonah went into formal Guide Dog training and matured a lot over this time. He always displayed a good understanding of the guidling role and was a pleasure to train. He has successfully completed 3 blindfold assessment walks and remembers routes very well. Jonah is currently still in final stages of the training process and we hope to have some more good news to update you on soon.