Exclusive PAWGUST Rewards

As one of our PAWsome fundraisers you can dig up a bunch of exclusive PAWGUST 2023 rewards, depending on how many dollars you are able to fetch!

PAWsome Pup


Praised Pup


Performing Pup


Power Pup


Pack Leader

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How does it work?

Receive a Donation (within 48hrs of registering)

Receive the official PAWGUST Poop Bag Holder and Roll! Only available until stocks last.

Raise $100

SupPAWt a Guide Dog for 2 days.

Due to PUPular demand, the PAWGUST pups have given out all the caps.

Raise $250 

SupPAWt a Guide Dog for 4 days.

Step out in style with these exclusive PAWGUST socks - you guys will be matching on your PAWGUST walks/runs! Only available until stocks last.

Raise $500 

SupPAWt a Guide Dog pup for 8 days.

New for 2023! Look the part with this new and exclusive PAWGUST Tote Bag! Only available until stocks last. 

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Lead your very own PAWGUST pack in raising funds to create a world where everyone who needs a guide dog, has a guide dog.

Image of girl sitting on ground with hands up in the air celebrating, she is wearing PAWGUST socks. A black puppy sits in her lap wearing a PAWGUST bandana. Copy on image says: You got this!

These rewards are only available while stocks last and may change depending on stock limits. So start digging around asking for donations and receive your exclusive reward today!

Rewards will begin being distributed from July.