Walk or run every day this August
and raise funds for Guide Dogs.



PAWticipants are doing PAWGUST


Raised by our PAWsome supPAWters

How it works

Image shows: Step 1 - Sign up to the challenge. Step 2 - Ask your family, friends and workmates to sponsor you. Step 3 - Walk or run every day in August. Step 4 - Raise funds to support Guide Dogs. Cartoon images appear above each step.

1. Sign up and set your daily challenge level (30mins, 45mins or 60mins) for the month of August.

2. Share your challenge and start raising funds for Guide Dogs.

3. Walk or run every day in August and track your progress to achieve your goals. 

4. Feel PAWsome knowing you are raising vital funds to supPAWt Guide Dogs. 

Together, we can make a difference to people who are living with low vision or blindness

As a fitness and fundraising challenge, PAWGUST not only helps you and your dog improve your physical and mental health by walking or running every day, but also gives you an opportunity to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs.

By braving the cold every day this August and asking family and friends to sponsor you, you are helping to create a world where everyone who needs a Guide Dog, has a Guide Dog.  

How your fundraising and donations help Guide Dogs

PAWGUST fundraising and donations have helped support Guide Dogs in training throughout their journey. Here are some of the amazing stories. 

Quincy was born in 2018 and was one of the first PAWGUST pups we followed throughout training. Quincy was a PAWfect student, and eagerly participated in her training more of Guide Dog, Quincy's, story here

Also part of the original PAWGUST Pup Pack, Wanda was born in PAWGUST 2019. Throughout her training, Wanda was assessed for the Guide Dog breeding program and was accepted. A few years more of Wanda's story here

Born in PAWGUST 2019, Jonah was part of our second PAWGUST litter. We followed Jonah through shopping centre visits, grooming appointments, grocery store more of Guide Dog, Jonah's, story here


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