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We've gone barking mad and we're taking part in the PAWGUST challenge to raise funds for Guide Dogs Australia.

Rain, hail or shine, this August we will be pounding the pavement every single day!

Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just ONE Guide Dog?! And with thousands of dogs being trained each year, every dollar counts. We need your help so that together, we can create a world where everyone who needs a Guide Dog, has a Guide Dog. 

Please make a donation to support our challenge today. Every bit counts. 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Aaron Chia

Week 3 matching donation! Thank you everyone and please let your friends and colleagues know about PAWGUST and the great work we do here at Guide Dogs SA/NT.


Aaron Chia

As promised, week 1 donations matched! Please spread the word about PAWGUST!


Aaron Chia

Week 2 donations matched! Thank you to everyone for your generous support.


Aaron Chia

Week 4 donations matched. 3 more sleeps till my first walk! Thank you again to all of you.



Well done Aaron - great initiative


Michael Elias

Fantastic quality of life initiative Aaron! All the best.


Catherine Mooney

Love this Aaron - Goodluck!


Daniel Panella

All the best Aaron!


Aaron Chia

5 Days of walking done, 26 to go! Thank you to all my supporters this week. I have matched your donations as promised.


Daniel Roasi

Well done Aaron!


Kim Nguyen

Such an amazing cause. All the best Aaron :)


Kristian Roocke

Great work Aaron


Hansel And Gretel Sausage Dogs

In memory of my beautiful doggies


Sally Sarah

On ya Katie and Jock


Paul Santinon


Amanda & Oliver


Chris Farmer

Great cause for paws!!


James Williams

Congrats Aaron. Great work!


Julie Allerton

Great Work Nicole!


Geoff Slack

Great work Aaron and the Guide Dogs team!


Gregg Ryan


Steve Cameron

Nice work Aaron 👏😀


Lorraine Karunaratne

All the best Aaron as you brave the August weather. You are a very dedicated hooman 😊


Rebecca Petrucco

Gawd you’re amazing!!





Adam Preece

I remember when the Pawgust name came to life - it is wonderful to see it thriving. It’s also great to see you raising the funds and matching the donations! Well done Aaron!


Peter Basedow

Go Aaron, you can do it for a wonderful cause Cheers Peter B


Rob Dickinson


Simon G


James Cameron

Great cause, Aaron!


Wendy Jarvis

Keep on walking….great cause



Excellent work Nicole.


Sandy Mantell

I am pawsitive you can smash your goal Aaron. Good luck!


Angus Sarah


Maggie Dowling


Kirstie Linklater

Good on you Katie! Such a wonderful charity xxx


Don Hogben


Tanya Dubskyt


Alexandrea Cannon

Well doen aaron, that won't be easy in this cols weather.


Karyn Sudarpa

This is Pawsome Aaron. Hopefully the mornings won't be so chilly in August


Vivien Katsavos

Great cause


Kate Librandi

Great work Aaron, all the best.


Nicky Hudson

Go Liz, Don and Moxie


Richard Farmer


Lynda A'bear


Samantha Sturm

Great work Aaron! All the best for all the walking.


Joy Hadley


Collect Design

Thank you for your efforts to support this worthy cause Nicole! 🐶


Graham Poyzer


Karina Pascoe

I reckon you should double that 30mins……I berieve in you ;)


Sophie And Catherine

We'll be thinking of you. 💕🐾🐕🤸‍♀️


Marie Klaosen

Well done Aaron


Will Sarah