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We've gone barking mad and we're taking part in the PAWGUST challenge to raise funds for Guide Dogs Australia.

Rain, hail or shine, this August we will be pounding the pavement every single day!

Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just ONE Guide Dog?! And with thousands of dogs being trained each year, every dollar counts. We need your help so that together, we can create a world where everyone who needs a Guide Dog, has a Guide Dog. 

Please make a donation to support our challenge today. Every bit counts. 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Simon O'donnell

Hopefully you enjoy all the walking Anneliese :)


Muchelle Jacquelin-furt

Go Peaches and Brooke! Paw-fect way to be healthy and for a great cause


Brooke O'donnell



Go Peaches!


Anthony, Pickles And Pepper

GO GET IT! Pickles and Pepper are barking encouragement your way :)


John And Anne Joy

Go Peaches!


Linda Croissant

Congrats on meeting your target and for supporting the training of Guide Dogs. Stay warm!


Dyana Maloney

Hey Brooke. What a kind act of love you are doing for all the visually impaired! Peaches will especially love to go for walks with her mistress. Brisk and crisp - glorious days to get oxygen into the lungs. Xoxo


Laura B

Good on you Anneliese!


Jennifer F

Go Peaches, Brooke and Anneliese!!