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Day Twelve + Thirteen

Day 12- Janae and Heidi took Paris for a walk for 45 minutes! 
Day 13- Paris had a routine vet check this morning :-) Everything is going well + her Waggly Club box arrived as a special treat. 
Paris and I went for a lovely 30 minute walk after. Loving Pawgust so far :-)

Day Ten + Eleven

A combination of everyone walking through out the day. Logged the 30ish minutes for each day but far exceeded that. 
Having fun xo

Day Eight and Nine

Day 8 unfortunately wasn't very eventful, however day 9 we have walked 40 minutes to help make up for this.

Day Six & Seven

30 minutes - 35 minutes 

I'm tired haha

Day Five - 32 minutes

Paris and I went for a lovely walk around today. 

Day Four - 35 Minutes

Was a little harder to get motivated today, going to be an early night for sure x

Day Three - A further 47 minutes logged!

Thank you Janae for doing the bulk of the walking today! 
This afternoon Paris had a rest while  Janae helped her friend Christine walk around selling her Girl Guide raffle tickets for 47 minutes! Good work girls x

Day Three - first 10mins logged

Paris and I went for a quick walk before the kids join in later. 

Thanks Janae!

Janae and Paris have added a further 9 minutes and 919 steps by going on an afternoon walk around the block together. 

Day Two

Ambrose joined the pack today and absolutely loved it! He wore his official PAWgust hat and Paris wore her bandana. 

Janae and Ambrose took it in turns walking Paris for 40 minutes!! As I happily followed taking some beautiful photos. 

Received an offline $10 donation as well :-) 

Looking forward to tomorrow! 

Day One Complete!

We have smashed our personal goal and team goal already! 

Thank you to everyone who has donated!!

Janae, Paris and I (Ambrose will be home for the afternoon bonus walk) completed our first 30minutes today :-) Was the second time Paris had ever walked with a leash and she was a little champ! 

Good luck team! Remember to stay hydrated and social distance when needed. Let's do this! 


Received our bandana and hat today!

The kids will be super happy when they get home.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Thank you so much to Nicole & Family! Your supPAWt means so much to us xo

Welcome to the team

Suz and Family have joined our team! Thanks for your support guys! 

Welcome to the team!

Samantha and Billy have joined our PAWgust "In memory of Ma" team :-) Thank you for your support guys! 

Almost there!

We were just given a massive anonymous offline donation!
I am speechless. 
Thank you so much


Ambrose and Paris are walking around the yard to start training :-)

Half way!!

Half way to reaching our personal goal and well underway with our team goal! Don't forget you can register for our team to help raise money and participate too! 
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! 
We are so excited to start PAWgust x

Thank You So Much! Donation Received.

We have received our first donation from an anonymous sponsor towards our team goal; 

Click on "My Team" above to check it out. 
      ~  Thank you again  ~

Join our In Memory Of Ma Team today to help this Pawgust by registering yourself to participate with your furry friend/s.

Together we are sure to exceed our $500 joint goal. 

See "My Team" above for more information.

Sandy x

Team Created!

I created our "In Memory Of Ma" team today. 

We are raising funds for Guide Dogs

We are taking part in PAWGUST 2020 on behalf of Guide Dogs Australia and in memory of "Ma" who fondly supPAWted the Guide Dogs. 

We are passionate about helping Guide Dog puppies in training and supPAWting people in our community living with sight loss.

During the month of August, our puppy Paris will be walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days with Janae, Ambrose and I. That's RUFFly 2km every day which is no small feat in the winter weather! We are doing it to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs puppies currently in training.

And that's where you come in! By supPAWting Paris, you are helping to raise much needed funds for Guide Dog puppies in training. Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just one Guide Dog pup?!

PAWlease, will you show your supPAWt by donating to us today? Anything you can give will help.

With your supPAWt we can change people’s lives by helping current Guide Dog puppies in training. Plus, it will also inspire me and my pooch to complete our 30 minutes each day!

Paws out!

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Offline Donations


Nicole Chislett & Family X

Goodluck with your Fantastic fund raising 👍🐶🐾


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You’re amazing! I couldn’t do this without your motivation and commitment 🤩




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