Oscar Ewok


My name is Ryan and I'm 11 and I live in Canberra. I first met Oscar Ewok in 2019 and at first I was afraid of him. I climbed up on to the kitchen bench and blocked my ears, because he was barking. Now I realise that he was barking because he was excited. Now, I love Oscar Ewok. I give him pats and he always licks me in the face and I get to play with him with the ball. He cares if I am sad or hurt and licks away my tears. When there's a thunderstorm, I pick him up and put him on my lap and then he feels safe.

Oscar's human, Caroline, asked me if I wanted to do Pawgust with him this year. At first I was kind of hesitating, because I didn't know what she was talking about and she asks me to do crazy stuff all the time. But then I seriously got excited thinking of all the fundraising ideas. 

Did you know it costs $50,000 and takes two years to train a guide dog. Please donate.

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Maltese Shih Tzu

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Phyl And The Pawrents

Go buddy! So proud of you


Annette Carter

Go Ewok!


Aunty G


Carmel Strangio

Enjoy your walks Ryan and Oscar Ewok 😚


Ryan...ewok's Friend

Go Ewok!


Oscar’s Human

Back to round numbers! Keep going my precious Ewok.


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My Updates

Team Instadogs!

As I am already InstaFamous and even have a dedicated Instagram for my Pawgust exploits (pawgust2021_oscar_ewok), I thought I should join this team! Your donations still go to me and my human’s fundraising efforts, but they also count towards the team goal. Go Team Instadogs!


These are the legs of the young human friend who will be walking with me, wearing socks with my face on them!

Go Pro!!!!

Got my Go Pro and harness today! Ready to film and maybe stream some of my walking adventures!

My partner in crime!

My friend Ryan has agreed to be my human partner for Pawgust! I am so excited.