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I've gone barking mad and I'm taking part in the PAWGUST challenge to raise funds for Guide Dogs Australia.

Rain, hail or shine, this August I will be pounding the pavement every single day! Including Sunday's!

Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just ONE Guide Dog?! And with thousands of dogs being trained each year, every dollar counts. I need your help so that together, we can create a world where everyone who needs a Guide Dog, has a Guide Dog. 

Please make a donation to support my challenge today. Every bit counts. 

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Hi Coco, I got my Mum to send $10 a day ‘cause those guide dogs sure are clever but expensive to train! Thanks for doing this good job to support them. 🐾


Kelvyn Prescott


Bobbi Stapleton

Good on you!


Paddington Fallon

Great Work Coco - drag that human away from that square "lighty" up thing he stares at. Great effort in the Canberra cold.


Noel Borgas

What a ‘paw-some’ challenge-great cause


David Ball

Well done Neale and Coco!


Douglas Prescott


Carl And Liz Carlsund

Hei Neale, Well done and Coco too


Barbara Gough

Well done Neale, I am sure Coco is loving it!


Ray Cage


Mike And Liz Lynch

Go Coco!! Make sure no tree is left un-watered! We will expect a full report by the end of August. Nearly forgot - go Neale!


Kendell Kuczma

Keep him honest Coco!


Melissa Westley

Great cause Neale. Hope you reach your goal and can fund 1/10th of a Guide dog :)


Blair D

Outstanding effort Coco and human :-) Enjoy those frosty walks!


Marina Tsirbas


Steven Mitchell


Mark Blackburn


Ben Tyrrell


Shaun Catlin


Andrew Doyle

Go Coco and Neale - nearly half way there already!


Rob Milligan

Well done Neale & Coco ! A very worthy cause... Bravo


Matilda Murrell

I've saved my pocket money to donate to Coco's fundraiser.


Susan And Dave

In a Canberra winter. Fantastic work Neale and Coco. xx


Betsy + Jace

Well done Neal + Coco. Amazing! You should be really proud of yourselves.


Kirsten Mcewan

Well done Neale and Coco :)


Paul Lewis

Neither rain nor tempest shall keep you from your appointed mission. (Not saying you'll enjoy it, but carry on that man ,and dog,)


Samantha Murrell

Good work Neale and Coco!!!



Next year Charlie, Louis and I will be on your team!


James Peterson


Steve And Kath


David Kuchenmeister

Hey Neale. We dig you. Don’t paws too long in the Canberra cold and cool your heels !! Follow the lead, get out of the kennel and sniff out a blue ribbon result!


Joe Vince


Stacey Ward

A wonderful initiative. Keep up the walks Neale and Coco. You guys rock. Stacey xo


Jasper & Murphy

Good luck Coco and Neale!


Beryl Sipes


Gouthrekka Mahalingam




Nici & Benson

Good luck Coco and Neale !!! What a fantastic cause to support.


Liv Beattie

What a wonderful cause Neale!


Kristina Carlsund

Love this!


Neale Prescott


Neale Prescott

My Updates

31 August - We’ll done Coco and all our. Donors - we made it!

Thank you to everyone that helped us raise over $5000.00 in PAWGUST to help Guide Dogs Australia.  It’s been wonderful support from everyone and Coco is really chuffed.  She even featured on ABC Canberra’s morning news show. 

26 AUG - International Dog Day - ABC TV

We’ll Coco featured on ABC TV News this morning as part of International Dog Day.  ABC kindly commented on PAWGUST and raising funds for Guide Dogs Australia.  

18 th - a cold start but we’re back

We’ll a chaotic day yesterday and the human failed the team.  So after purchasing a RUFF Day pass and making a donation we’re back on track this morning.  Out in the frost!

13 AUG - Lockdown but not out!

We’ll we’re doing pretty well.  We can get out for an hour a day for exercise, so Coco and I had a walk min the midday sunshine today.  The streets were sparsely populated, which is the sim of a lockdown, so we got our walk in and continue with Pawgust.  Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far, we have more to go so please pitch in and donate.  

Day 3 - rainy night in Canberra!

Well I should have gone earlier in the day! Coco and I headed out this evening and straight into the rain.  The dark streets, uneven footpath and inability to discern the trees hanging over into our path made me think about the challenge for people with impeded sight and why Guide Dogs provide such vital support.  

Day 1 - light rain! But forged on

Coco and I headed out on a drizzly morning today but the temperature was a warm 6C.  A great start. Thank you to everyone that has donated, you’re tremendous. Coco

Gearing up for PAWGUST

Coco and I are limbering up for PAWGUST with the aim of raising money for Guide Dogs.  We've been out in -4C this past week during our training and ready to do.  Please help us support Guide Dogs by donating.  A very big thank you to everyone who has already supported us, your support is vital and a wonderful thing.