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I've gone barking mad and I'm taking part in the PAWGUST challenge to raise funds for Guide Dogs Australia.

Rain, hail or shine, this August I will be pounding the pavement every single day! Including Sunday's!

Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just ONE Guide Dog?! And with thousands of dogs being trained each year, every dollar counts. I need your help so that together, we can create a world where everyone who needs a Guide Dog, has a Guide Dog. 

Please make a donation to support my challenge today. Every bit counts. 

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Thank you to my SupPAWters


Dear Peyton, Thanks For All Your Hard Work Supporting The Humans, From Teddy And Winnie (a.k.a. The "bejon Club")

Dear Peyton, thanks for all your hard work supporting the humans, From Teddy and Winnie (a.k.a. the "Bejon Club")


James Mccaw


Stuart Johnston



We love you coming to the office, Peyton!


Jodie Mcvernon

I think you'll both deserve a little nap after all that walking ;)


Farinaz Farhadieh



Kash Karunasena

Go Peyton!


Tom Wirth



Will N


Charles Johnson


Patricia Menendez



Go Peyton!!



Great work!


David Duncan And Belinda Ashe

Go Michael and Peyton!


Kylie Lydeamore


Sarah Stokie




Karl Xu

Go Peyton Go!


Jessie Chen

Good Luck Peyton, Alex and Michael!


Andrew Croft


Garry Smart


Dail Hardy

You've got this Peyton (the wonder puppy)! :)


Trung Tran


Isobel Abell

My Updates

Watching the sun set on day -37

Day -37

Another late walk today but Peyton and I enjoyed the sunset down by the river.
We're now 70% of the way to our goal. Thank you to everyone for the amazing support so far.


Day -38

Day -38 of #PAWgust2022. Peyton spent the day at work today and so walking had to be a bit late. But we still loved it! We're 60% to our goal already but let's keep on going strong.

Day -40!

Day -40 of #PAWgust. Peyton and I completed our 60 minutes of brisk walking while the sun was out, which seems to be a rare occurrence in Melbourne.

A walk around Footscray was a lovely way to spend our morning, before a nice coffee back at home.

We're grateful to all of our donors so far - we're over 20% to our donation goal already!