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Keep on walkin!

Thank you for all the new supporters. 

Fifty is doing really well. We mainly walk around a big graveyard which sounds grim but is nice a peaceful. 

She got her shots yesterday and was feeling a little queasy today so we had a smaller walk with more sniffing than walking. 

Nearly half way through!

Who would’ve thought a dog could walk every day?! Anything is possible in 2020. 

full steam ahead!

Fifty is doing very well! She has anxiety so the walks are full of rewards and adventures to dog free zones around our house. Thank you for your suPAWt. Today she yelled at a magpie. 

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Damien Perkins


Scrumyard Scrumplton


Catherine Looke

Great idea Extreme sports for doxies. Not just a walk in the park.


Erin Muller


Michael Gale

Big fan of the train sims.



Congrats, you can thank Ben but also I remember you on an episode of Gamey Gamey Game and you were very patient.


Bird Bice-larsen

Heh, I actually go for two walks a day, so yeah. Speaking from experience I recommend that you sniff every blade of grass for other dogs' piss, munch on cat poo if you're lucky enough to find any, and jump up on anyone who leans down to pat you.


Conor Tyrrell

Good luck! Pump those tiny legs!


Kylie Jones