Poppi The Guide Dog

I am raising funds for Guide Dogs

Loosing my sight has been one of my hardest life’s challenges. Then four years ago Poppi came into my life and profoundly turned it around for the better. With her by my side I have been able to  complete ordinary tasks like going to the shops. I have also achieved the extraordinary like studying at UNI or starring in a movie with Cate Blanchett! 

Poppi’s journey to become a guide dog would not have been possible without the generous gift of two strangers. I am humbled each day by their generosity and the difference they have made. I am unable to pay them back so hope to raise funds and awareness so others can receive this much needed life changing gift.

It is for this reason that this year Poppi will not be hosting a team. We will be supporting our dear friends Chrissy and Lacey the Guide Dog. Lacey has had a significant and positive impact on Chrissy’s life. Lacey is a soulful guide dog with a huge heart and it has devastated us all to find out she has a terminal illness cutting her life and guiding career drastically short. As a team we hope to raise enough money so that Chrissy can experience the gift and freedom of another Guide dog. We encourage you to sign up and join “Lacey’s Gift” team too and consider doing a few walks on behavlf of Lacey who may not always be up to them. 

Lots of love and tail wags, Liz and Poppi. 

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