Lacey's Gift

We are raising funds for Guide Dogs

My name is Lacey and I have been a working Guide Dog for three years with my handler Chrissy. A couple of months ago I found out that I have a serious heart condition and I have to retire. I am still doing my best to look after Chrissy and we sometimes go for short working walks but she is making sure that I rest and is giving me extra cuddles and letting me sleep on the bed. 

Chrissy is on the waiting list for her next Guide Dog. I know she is very upset that we won't be able to work together anymore and is scared to get a new dog. I want to help her raise money so that Guide Dogs Australia can train and provide her with another amazing dog like me. 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Jodie Panagopoulos

You are incredible people working with amazing animals, thank you!


Liz Grimley


Scott Grimley


Janine Blatch

Hi Poppi, love the great work you do each and every day, enjoy hearing of your adventures too Liz and Poppi


Sandra Steele


Mr Grimley


Nicole Sultana

Well done Liz and Poppi for your generosity with helping your friend. Love all your wonderful stories and the helpful information you provide. I'm not sure who I love more - lets call this one even!



Miss you Poppi


Leanne Houston

Hi Scott and Dudley Well done walking in the Canberra cold! I met and played with your lovely sister Dora. She is a great Guide Dog too. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Love from Essie (6 month old Guide Dog puppy)


Zita Sauro


Equine Nutrition Systems


Liz Wheeler


Veronica Balsamello

Pk and wanda you are amazing team good luck !!


Kerren Kenney

How do I get the money to you/the organisation? Good luck to both of you in this cold weather.


Jenna-lee Hughes

Love you Lacey! ❤️


Brionee And Charmaine

Hi PK and Wanda Good Luck with Pawgust. From Bree and Charmaine


Tracy Tolcon


Jo And Wiley

Good luck and stay warm! Jo and Wiley


Phillip Kennedy


Amy Huang

Can't wait to see photos of Quantum's daily winter walks :)


Rhonda Perram


Katie And Gd Sadie

Good luck in achieving your fundraising goal!


Aggie Ogden

good luck to you and wanda and all the others taking part in this event x x x


Pk And Wanda


Breanne Kisselstein


James Bloomer