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Well the first week of PAWGUST was a challenge ... We had 2 days starting at -5C and 2 days of rain!  ... But even given the weather we did not miss a day! 
In addition, Jill was in hospital for a day going through the desexing process! So Jack stepped up, or should I say double stepped up ( ha ha) to cover for Jills 2 days off. We are all back on track now, so today we rewarded ourselves with a walk in the park and enjoyed the river and water birds during our daily walk! Stay safe.

Day 1 - We are committed!

Hi All, Well August 1 in Mudgee started at -3C with plenty of frost and frozen bird baths, so we thought we would have breakfast first and wait for the sun to make a difference. Turns out by 9:30 the day was glorious. Jack and Jill could not wait to go for their first PAWGUST walk, so we hit the local pavement and walked for 46 minutes, which on the dog pedometer equated to 6595 steps and over 3 kilometres (my pedometer read about half that in steps .... but that makes sense right? ... 2 legs versus 4 legs! Ha ha). Well that is all for now. I deserve a coffee and Jack and Jill a treat. Bye for now.

I am raising funds for Guide Dogs

My dogs, Jack and Jill (7 month old Miniature Schnauzers) and I are taking part in PAWGUST 2020 on behalf of Guide Dogs Australia because I'm passionate about helping Guide Dog puppies in training and supPAWting people in our community living with sight loss.

During the month of August, my dogs and I will be walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days. That's RUFFly 2km every day which is no small feat in the winter weather! We are doing it to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs puppies currently in training.

And that's where you come in! By supPAWting my dogs and I, you are helping to raise much needed funds for Guide Dog puppies in training. Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just one Guide Dog pup?!

PAWlease, will you show your supPAWt by donating to me today? Anything you can give will help.

With your supPAWt we can change people’s lives by helping current Guide Dog puppies in training. Plus, it will also inspire me and my pooch to complete our 30 minutes each day!

Paws out!

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Thank you to my SupPAWters


Annemarie De Roder

Dear Jos, This donation should get 2 harnesses or just contribute towards training a guide dog. Good luck with Jack and Jill, please send me a photo every now and then


Lance Bowden

Jack and Jill went up the hill to donate some funds to mates Jack and Jill turned to see Johanna still at the gate. Lets go Johanna!


Marianne Sheppard



John Bennett



Johanna Roder


David Bowden


Ruth Graham

Good luck to the 3 J’s 😊


Lorna Sutton

Hi Johanna ,Jack and Jill A GREAT CAUSE !! GOOD LUCK Best Wishes Lorna


Richard Hooper

Go Jack, Jill and Johanna you can reach your goal! I am very happy to support such a good cause!


Eelkjen Jansen


Wayne Lewis

Keep it going Johanna, Jack and Jill



Hi Johanna, Jack and Jill! Good Luck with your challenge and all the best!


Annette Bailey

Well done Jack n Jill


Susan Dekker

Placed your order of 30 wake up calls at 5am. Enjoy the sunrise Jos. Jack and Jill will love their new routine. Good on you for being a adventurous and needed supporter. Much love and warming thoughts.


Mark Sheppard

Hi Jos ,Jack and Jill Good luck with your challenge and keep warm


Sandeep Arora

great cause, great organisation, great community impact! Well done Johanna, Jack & Jill!!!


Johanna Cannon

Hi Johanna,Jack and Jill All the best Jack and Jill Hope you reach your goal Love Johannaxx


The Card Sharks

Hi Johanna Jack a nd Jill All the best with your walking goal We are all behind you Love Sue,Julia and Dixx


June Mcburney

Woof Woof


Sue Jones

Good luck Great cause love sue


Beryl Bradbury

Hi Johanna,Jack and Jill Good Luck with your challenge Best wishes Beryl


Carole Fernance

Hi Johanna Jack and Jill Good luck Best wishes carole


Sandra Howarth

Hi Guys Great Cause With you all the way Love Sandraxx


Lorna Colvin

Hi Johanna,Jack and Jill Great cause Keep up the good work Cheers Lorna