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of 1400 target



31st PAWgust

WE DID IT  walked every day in August

Over 2000 minutes, 176 kms, raised over $3000.
Couldn’t have done it without the support of all my family, friends and colleagues. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of our well-trodden feet/paws
Signing off Lili and April. 

29th and 30th PAWGUST

Last weekend and what a cracker!!!!  Beautiful Spring like weather perfect for exploring local soccer fields. 

SAT Kaleen for Siena
60 mins
5.4 kms

SUN Deakin/Yarralumla For Adela
75 mins
6.9 kms


28th PAWgust

Quick neighbourhood stroll. 

30 mins
2,4 kms

27th PAWgust

Midday walk to and from Manuka with my beautiful brother.  April showed the way.  Was so warm no jacket required - we can feel Spring in the air.

65 mins

26th PAWgust

Home stretch

70 mins

25th PAWgust

Was a little hard to get motivated to walk in the -2 frosty morning BUT the sun was shining, gloves, coat, scarf and hat in tow we stepped out. April sprinted all the way to and from work, keen for a treat and a warm bed at the other end. 

24th PAWgust

One week to go - we’ve got this April. Thank you all our fabulous supporters. 

50 mins
4.4 kms

23rd PAWgust

Beautiful winters morning stroll before heading to windy wild Googong to watch Adela’s soccer. 

90 mins
7.5 kms

22nd PAWgust

Snow and rain and oh so chilly - Arctic like winds - but still we trudged the paths. 
65 mins


Boot Camp at the lake today. Instead of running, April and I battled the wind, the sleet and the apparent -1 degree temp. 

45 mins

20th PAWgust

Beating the rain so a 7am walk with sunshine!  Love Canberra sunny winters days. Maybe a halfway coffee at Urban. 

60 mins
5.6 kms

19th PAWgust

Rain rain and hail again. April not impressed!!

40 mins
3.6 kms. 

18th PAWgust

Work commute and trip home from eye clinic. April was keen to get home. 
70 mins
5.9 kms

17th PAWgust

Over halfway
Thank you to all my PAWsome suPAWters. 

Daily commute to work and home. 
70 mins

16th PAWgust

Took a stroll to watch Adela play soccer at Deakin. Beautiful sunny Sunday. 
60 mins

15th PAWgust

Early morning walk before Rain again !! Got the k’s in though. Love SATURDAY mornings. 
130 mins

14th PAWgust

20 mins
Cabin fever....

13th PAWgust

Felt like a Spring day today - so lovely for a morning, lunch and afternoon stroll. 
Almost half way through PAWgust
7.1 kms

12th PAWgust

Dodging rain again today so not as many kms as we would have liked. 
40 mins

11th PAWgust

15 seconds of fame. 
Made it onto the big screens at work. 
Thanks CE Canberra Goulburn for all your ongoing support. 
6.7 kms

10th PAWgust

Rain was lovely but glad to see a break. 
Sunshine this morning so happy walking !
6.5 kms

9th PAWgust

Found time in between showers to get our kms up again. Hoping the sun comes out tomorrow. 
60 mins
5.3 kms

8th PAWgust

So wet today it was too soggy underfoot to go for a walk as usual. Walking around O’Connor oval trying to find a dry spot to watch Adela play soccer. We both were drenched. 
20 mins
1.6 kms

7th PAWgust

Rain rain rain all day. April wasn’t too keen about getting her feet wet. Only a short slow walk today. 
25 mins 

6th PAWgust

Start the day with a crisp -5 morning and stop for a coffee at our favourite local.  
6.3 kms

5th PAWgust

Late afternoon commute home. April sets a cracking pace to get home for dinner before dark. 
55 mins
5.9 kms

4th PAWgust

A hard day working from home. Early morning neighbourhood walk with a few hills. 
90 mins
7.6 kms
12 floors
Ok April you can rest up. 

3rd PAWgust

Daily work commute - one way
40 mins
Chilly and soup foggy but April keeps a good pace!

2nd PAWgust

Late afternoon walk in the Canberra Winter sunshine. Love days like this. 
75 mins
6.7 kms. 

1st PAWgust

It was a frosty foggy morning as April and I stepped out in -2 degrees to start our Pawgust adventure. 
120 mins
8.6 kms
Round trip to the Lake and Bowen Park. 

I am raising funds for Guide Dogs

April, my gorgeous Guide Dog and I are taking part in PAWGUST 2020 on behalf of Guide Dogs Australia because I'm passionate about helping Guide Dog puppies in training and supPAWting people in our community living with sight loss. April has transformed my life!

During the month of August, my dog(s) and I will be walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days. That's RUFFly 2km every day which is no small feat in the winter weather! We are doing it to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs puppies currently in training.

And that's where you come in! By supPAWting my dog(s) and I, you are helping to raise much needed funds for Guide Dog puppies in training. Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just one Guide Dog pup?!

PAWlease, will you show your supPAWt by donating to me today? Anything you can give will help.

With your supPAWt we can change people’s lives by helping current Guide Dog puppies in training. Plus, it will also inspire me and my pooch to complete our 30 minutes each day!

Paws out!

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Paula Mercuri

Well done Lili and April



You are amazing Lil


Sue Lindsay

Well done - sorry I have only just realised it is a fundraiser....!!! Can't wait to see you soon xxx


Nick Satsia

Great course go April 😉


The Bfg

A wonderful initiative, Banana.


Tracy Sinclair

Congratulations to you and April on your fundraising effort. Well done!




Karen Abbey

Best love to you and April


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Great work



Well done Lil. Always willing to support all you do. Go girl!


Carmel Blake

Lil & April you are PAWESOME!


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Lil, you and April are amazing! xx


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You are marvellous Lil!


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Fantastic effort Liliana! Best wishes, Vicky.


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Have fun


Haylee Tumanik

Go April!! The most beautiful guide dog on the planet (and the best guide dog student). Well done Liliana, looks like your smashing it in the walking department! So happy to see the amazing team you two are. Just keep walking!


Ashleigh Davison


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You and April have done such an amazing job!! Congratulations 🥳


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