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Day 21

Pawgust pleasure. Jazzy enjoying a marrow bone after her 5km walk this morning.

Day 19

Jazzy here. I had some awesome pawsome fun today!

I got to hang out with the first batch of Canberra based guide dog puppies who will shortly leave Canberra to attend the Glossodia Guide Dogs Centre for their guide dog training.

So what exactly is involved in Puppy Raising?

Loving volunteers are specially chosen to raise and care for a future guide dog between the ages of eight weeks to 14 months old.

As well as providing lots of love and cuddles, puppy raisers help introduce pups to the sights, sounds and smells they are likely to encounter as a Guide Dog.

Puppy raisers need to have a fully-fenced yard, be away from home no more than four hours at a time, have access to a car and be able to attend training days in their local area.

While puppy raisers are responsible for everyday activities such as grooming, house training and exercising their pups, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT provides a strong support network.

They provide the food, veterinary care, flea and tick prevention and you will have a dedicated Puppy Development Adviser on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance to our puppy raisers,

Puppy raisers make a wonderful contribution in helping to transform a playful puppy into a responsible Guide Dogs that will one day change the life of someone who is vision impaired.

Mikaela Smith is the Canberra Puppy Advisor. She always smells like puppies!

I personally graduated top of my class and was matched with my handler John. I like to think John is my side kick and I am the superstar. When I enter rooms, everybody notices and wants to pet me. Sadly when the harness is on, I am working. If you kindly ask my side kick most of the time, he will take my harness off and you can bask in my awesomeness.

I thank you in support my fellow guide dogs in training. Your support helps make more of me!

Day 14

After checking my emails and sorting through my fan mail. I checked the Pawgust individual fundraiser leader board and saw that I am number 16. After a few head tilts I have decided that I need to do better! My guide dog super sniffer is pledging to walk an extra 10 minutes to gain more fundraising support! I will keep increasing my time until I am at least in the top 5.


Also I loved the bandana pawgust sent me but the beanie didn't fit.

Ms Jazzy Superstar!

Woof Woof, Jazzy here!!

For those who do not remember me, I was the 2018 National individual fundraiser for Guidedogs Australia.

A big thank you to all of my pals who generously donated last year.

This year I was caught snoozing on my bed and completely missed the launch of Pawgust 2019.

After consultation with John who I guide around Canberra , we are making a late come back and seeing  if we can raise more funds this year for Guidedogs .

During the month of August John and yours truly will be walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days (that's roughly 2km every day which is no small feat in the winter weather!) to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs and support their puppies currently in training.

And that's where you come in! By supporting us, you are helping to improve the quality of life for all Aussies living with disability, and to give the puppies the best start in their journey to becoming Guide Dogs.

Will you please show your support by donating to us today? Anything you can give will help.

With your support we can change people’s lives by helping current Guide Dog puppies in training. Plus, it will also inspire us to complete my 30 minutes each day!

Thank you so much.

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Thank you to my SupPAWters


Frank Willett


Lyn Barlow

Go For It !!


Gerald And Carla Chader

We love what you two are doing and hope you reach/exceed your goal. Love from both of us.


Don Mankewich

Well done John and Jazzy.


Maz Vizard

enjoy Love Maz


Diana Keeling


Simon Buckpitt

Great to hear from you. I hope you meet you goals, Take care. Simon Buckpitt


Dino Vido



Keep Up the Good work Jazzy and John. Kind Regards Wanda and Pete


Louise Wilson

Good luck Jazzy on your climb up the leader board. AND I hope this donation helps keep a well deserving puppo looking smickly, and can be bartered for at least one complaint LOL


Antony Stuart

Same as last. As Johnny Walker says, just keep walking.


Denise Evans


John Barlow


Eri Rigg

Hi John, What amazing contribution you and Jazzy are being! All the best with the fundraising!


Sharon Feist

Go John and Jazzy


Ian & Trish

All the best. Keep up the good work.


Barbara Baikie


Kerry Bowden

Congratulations John and Jazzy. You guys do a great job for Guide Dogs.


Craig Russell

Great work JB, all the best mate!!


David Smith

Hey John, love your enthusiasm!!! Alle & David


Christina Laws

Keep up all the great work you two!! :)


Tom Leahey

Keep up the good work!



Go Jazzy!!




Jan Williams


Ben Healy

Plenty of walking up hills to train for Fitz's!



Keep on walking. Have enjoyed doing some walking with you both. Does canoeing count??




David Close

Good stuff John and Jazzy , Rinkle ,Jasper and I are impressed



Good work guys!! ☺️


Eleanor Hensley

Hope this helps/.


Jodie Evans


Irene Thomas

Go Jazzy and John!!!! Well done !!!!



Good on you John and Jazzy, particularly in this cold weather! :)


Emma Cornwall

Go John and Jazzy!!!


Seymour Savell-boss

Well done guys. Woof woof


Dave B

Here ya go mate.


Matt Dyne


Jo And Wiley

Best of luck John and Jazzy


Lisa Kelly

Good luck Jazzy and John!



Well done Jazzy and John xx


Carole Purry


Dave & Pauline Edwards

Hi John & Jazzy...... nice work!


Burl Doble