Join The Pack

PAWGUST fundraising and donations have helped support Guide Dogs in training throughout their journey. Here are some of the amazing stories.

Quincy was born in PAWGUST 2018 and was a PAWfect student from the moment she started her training. She successfully navigated lots of complex environments during her training, including train rides, farm visits, escalators, and more!

Quincy graduated with flying colours and has since been partnered with Carol, who “knew straight away she was a lovely dog with a beautiful personality”.

Quincy has made a big difference to Carol’s life, helping Carol get out and about. Quincy loves to be out working and is very social – once Carol gives the instruction to go to their local café, Quincy is straight there knowing it will be full of FURiends they can meet and chat to!

In her downtime, Quincy enjoys playing with her toys and enjoying the company of other furry friends in the home.

Wanda was also part of the original PAWGUST Pup Pack, born in PAWGUST 2018. 
She successfully completed puppy raising and was assessed for the Guide Dog breeding program and accepted. Soon after, Wanda settled in well with her new family, loving her morning walks and extra cuddles. She even started taking extra care of her two favourite toys, which made them think she would be a fantastic mum!

A few years later, Wanda was confirmed pregnant and had her first litter! Nine adorable puppies; four female and five male. Wanda's pups are now currently immersed in the puppy raising program and she couldn't be PAWrouder.

Image shows Jonah sitting proudly in a Guide Dog harness.

Born in PAWGUST 2019, Jonah was part of our second PAWGUST Litter. We followed Jonah through shopping centre visits, grooming appointments, grocery store visits (a hard one for a Labrador!) and bus trips, and he was always one paw ahead.

Jonah is a lovely, intelligent dog who knows he has a very imPAWtant job. As soon as Jonah’s harness is put on, he is straight into serious Guide Dog mode. But once the harness is off, Jonah’s playful, funny side comes out.

Jonah completed his formal Guide Dog training and was matched with James in 2021. “When I got the call to say I had been matched with Jonah, I was ecstatic - completely over the moon. It took two or three days before the news that I matched with Jonah really sunk in” says James.

During their time together, Jonah has changed James’ life in more ways than one. “As amazing as Jonah is at getting me out and about safely and independently, that is only about 70% of what he brings to my life. More than that, he is my companion and my “partner in crime”. He is so much more than a dog to me”.


The team live in a charming country region and both have already set some personal bests in terms of the amount of steps each day.

Riley has brought about a renewed sense of confidence and independence to Danae's life. Riley is Danae's 7th guide dog and the team are already looking like they have been working together for some time.  

Rocket is Narelle’s second Guide Dog and they have already built a special bond.  Narelle said in only a short time her confidence had grown and she felt safe with Rocket.  Narelle is a keen walker and her goal is to build up Rocket's stamina so they can do parkrun together. 

Robbo is Geoff’s third Guide Dog and they have bonded very quickly.  Robbo has settled into his new home and is enjoying playing with his new best mate retired GD Drake.