PAWGUST 2018 AWARDS - Winners announced!

Leader of the Pack – Top National Individual Fundraiser

This award goes to the individual that raises the most funds throughout PAWGUST 2018.


Dyson Animal Vaccum (valued at $600) PLUS you’ll get a special puppy visit organised at your workplace

WINNER - JOHN BARLOW who raised a totally PAWsome $6,814.72!

We asked John how he did it and he responded with, 'Good old Facebook and email. I just reached out to everyone I knew - family, friends, old work colleagues, everyone'. 


Apple iPad (valued at $469)

WINNER - KAREN HAYES who raised an incredible $6,773.84!

Karen is the CEO of Guide Dogs Victoria and she told us she just asked absolutely every single person she knew! Most of her donations were received from family, friends and colleagues and as Karen explained to us, she only does one major fundraising event a year and so this was it! She asked everyone to donate!


Garmin Forerunner35 watch (valued at $299)

WINNER - Bronwen Moncrieff who raised an amazing $6,309.16! 

Bronwen is currently in the puppy raising program for Guide Dogs Victoria and joined forces with 'Team Puppy Raisers Victoria' and reached out to all her networks to seek donations. 

Top Dog Team - Top National Team Fundraisers

This award goes to the team that raises the most funds throughout PAWGUST 2018.


KONG assorted pet hampers (valued at $600)

WINNER - Puppy Raiser Team Victoria who raised a mind-blowing $14,729.20! 

This group of dedicated individuals set up their team and rallied behind each other via their Facebook group. Everyone pulled their weight and got out there to do their very best! Team Captain, Aislinn, was very proud!


Weber Baby Q (valued at $330)

WINNER - Instadogs who raised an outstanding $10,972.56!

With a huge amount of effort put in by team captain, Nicole, this group of PAWsome, fun and famous Instagram dogs all joined together to raise funds for a worthy cause. Nicole said she was amazed seeing the fundraising going up and up and is so proud!


BOSE Bluetooth water resistant speaker (valued at $199)

WINNER - Lacey the Guide Dog who raised an sensational $6,705.84!

Chrissy and her Guide Dog Lacey joined forces with some of their closest friends to help raise as much money as possible for Guide Dogs. Chrissy said even though not all team members were in the same state, everyone chipped in and made time to ask for donations. Plus, they all counted on each other which helped get them through. Chrissy also said that Lacey quite enjoyed being in all the extra photos taken of her throughout PAWGUST!

Most PAWS to hit the Pavement

This award goes to the individual who records the most PAWS stepped throughout PAWGUST 2018.


iFetch Too Automatic Ball Thrower Machine (valued at $399)

WINNER - Sharni Coonan and her dog, Mia, who's paws walked an incredible 1,457,073 steps! 

Sharni told us that Mia was walked twice a day throughout PAWGUST and she also participated in a few marathons within the month as well! Well done!  


One pair of ASICS sneakers (valued at $200)

WINNER - Haylee Martin and her dog, Costa, who's paws walked an outstanding 992,409 steps!

Haylee told us that Costa was walked twice a day throughout PAWGUST - 30 minutes in the mornings and then an hour in the evenings. Haylee said, 'he's a border collie and he is under 1 so you can just imagine how much energy he has! On top of the two walks a day we also went to the beach and the dog park!'. Well done Haylee, you both deserve a good rest.


A year’s supply of NexGard (max. value $219)

WINNER - Chloe Ratcliff and her goregous sharpei cross who's paws walked a totally PAWsome 920,000 steps!

Chloe told us that she committed to daily walks all throughout PAWGUST and mainly stuck to walking all throughout her local neighbourhood. Congratulations you guys!

Largest Canine Crew

This award goes to the team who recruits the most team members to join their team throughout PAWGUST 2018.


KONG assorted pet hamper (valued at $400)

WINNER - Instadogs with 53 team members!

Team Captain, Nicole, said it wasn't easy but she followed absolutely everyone who would hashtag anything to do with PAWGUST on Instagram and would connect with them immediately to get them on board to team Instadogs. Now that's a dedicated team captain! Well done Nicole and team!


PAW by Blackmores assorted hamper (valued at $250)

WINNER - PETstock with 26 team members!

Team Captain, Jessica, said it was a no-brainer when it came to setting up a team for PAWGUST. With PETstock being a huge supporter of Guide Dogs nationally, Jessica said she put the word out there and the rest is history! Everyone jumped at it! Congrats Jessica and the team at PETstock!


Coles voucher (valued at $200)

WINNER - Puppy Raiser Team Victoria with 24 team members!

Coming in a very close 3rd place, Team Captain Aislinn said she was so proud of everyone putting in such an amazing effort throughout PAWGUST. She said the team really got together to get behind such a great cause that's very close to all their hearts. Amazing work Aislinn and team!

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