Welcome to the PAWGUST PODCAST!

This Podcast series will give you something very special to listen to when you're out on a PAWGUST walk

Each week a new episode will be released as we follow the story of Erin and Guide Dog, Jet. We will hear about Erin's vision loss journey, Jet's puppy raising and Guide Dog training and also what life is like with a Guide Dog.

Not only will you hear from Erin and Jet but you'll also hear from our Guide Dog trainers and from Erin's family.

You can listen via the audio player below or you can subscribe to the podcast in your Podcast App (on iPhone). 

Why did we do a Podcast? It was really imPAWtant for us to deliver you a story in audio format because this is how our Guide Dogs clients consume information each and every day, through audio. 

Episode 1 - Vision Loss

Episode 2 - Guide Dog, Jet

Episode 3 - The Guide Dog and Handler Partnership

Episode 4 - Living with a Guide Dog