We know reaching out to ask for donations of supPAWt is no walk in the park. So, we have made this space just for you.

We’ve dug some pretty big holes to find this stuff and we're sure your little wet noses are going to love it!

And don't PAWget, everyone who donates will be supPAWting you as well as Guide Dogs, so be proud, howl it loud and have FUN with your FUNdraising!

First off, fetch from yourself

Get tails wagging by donating to yourself. This shows others (including your beloved pooch) how much you truly believe in what you are doing and that you are committed to the challenge. This is a really imPAWtant step in the process.

Also, did you know people are more likely to donate to you once there is a donation on your page? It helps sets the benchmark for future donations so, get the ball rolling!

Sniff out your peers on social

Alright time to bring out the big barks…your social media network are some of your most imPAWtant friends but you also need to remember that online communities want to connect, they don’t just want to be barked at. Also, they need to be reminded…..constantly.

So, don’t just roll over and play dead (ok Fido, maybe you can). Follow our Social Media Plan provided to you in your PAWGUST pack.

You receive your PAWGUST pack after you have registered.


Email is Man's Best Friend

You know about this one, we don’t need to tell you how to do it but the best way to get started is to email. And we mean email absolutely everyone! Get that email list going and just get it out there! Send, send, send!

• Use our email templates - provided to you by (you guessed it) email! You can also use the templates in your dashboard!
• Don’t be shy, ask your email friends to email their friends.
• Make it easy for them – include multiple links to your page.

Plan some play dates

Here's a list of activities you could plan that we've tried and tested (and we know they work!).

  • Morning tea (or a Dog's Breakfast anyone?!).
  • Bake Sale – at work, the dog park, local shops, anywhere really. Make sure you put PUPcakes on the menu too!
  • Work challenges – think jumbo tug of war or an agility course (now that could get interesting….).
  • Bring your dog to work day – these are the very best (but possibly not the most productive) days! Get everyone to bid on how much they’d pay to bring their pooch to work with them, highest bidder wins and gets to bring their dog in for the day (make sure this is approved by your company before you do it!). Hey, while the dog is there for that day, why not run a ‘pay for pats’ fundraiser as well?! Gold coin donation for each pat!
  • Casual Fri-yay! I’m talking jeans and tees on a Friday, ohhhh yeah!
  • Sausage Sizzle – remember, no onions on the barbie if there’s dogs around.
  • Garage Sale – get the whole neighbourhood involved in donating items for your garage sale making sure you’ve got some pet items in the mix as well.
  • Trivia Night – always a winner! Get some work people involved or even just organise a fun night in with your friends and make your trivia loads of fun with all dog related questions!
  • Ruff-les (ok, maybe we went a paw too far there….Raffles).
  • Give something up (like alcohol or schmackos).

If you run some of the above activities at work, ask your employers if they will match everything that is raised on the day and remind everyone that all donations over $2 are tax deductible!

Throw me a bone here!

PAWGUST is meant to be challenging but enjoyable so please make sure that however you decide to raise funds for Guide Dogs, it is fun and exciting for you and others! You’ll be surprised how many people will get behind you and how quickly you will reach your goals.

If you're stuck and need some help or even just want to WALK through a fundraising idea (see what we did there?), please don't hesitate to contact the PAWGUST team on or call 1300 GUIDE DOGS (1300 48433 3647) - we're here to help!