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Week 1

Done & Dusted by Scruffy & Myself

Also this week:-

We done a 'Pay It Forward' to another Pawgust PAWticipant, a young boy walking his mixed breed two dogs.

Assisted another PAWticipant who is struggling to raise funds for Pawgust as in lockdown in Victoria by Covid-19 by giving a donation.  Both people complete strangers.

Small gestures no matter how small can make a difference in someone's life.

Scruffy's Attire while in Training for August

From an orange Raincoat to start me off a gift kindly from my Owner for the few days of rain, then an exclusive PAWGUST Dog Bandana to show off my cuteness to humans who pass me, to a then exclusive PAWGUST PAWdometer arriving today - tried & tested!  
Thank you to PAWGUST!
Then Winter has definitely arrived so my Owner insists on this fluffy white coat for those chilly early morning walks, though I would prefer it to be in the colour of orange to go with my Attire.  I must also add, those evening walks I get this safety flashing night device collar of course in the colour orange. Now since we have performed to a fundraisering level a reward is coming to my Owner as she excitely awaits for her exclusive PAWGUST Sports Cap to join in with my colour Attire for PAWGUST August 2020, of course in the colour of orange!
Signed Scruffy ??

I am raising funds for Guide Dogs

My dog(s) and I are taking part in PAWGUST 2020 on behalf of Guide Dogs Australia because I'm passionate about helping Guide Dog puppies in training and supPAWting people in our community living with sight loss.

During the month of August, my dog(s) and I will be walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days. That's RUFFly 2km every day which is no small feat in the winter weather! We are doing it to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs puppies currently in training.

And that's where you come in! By supPAWting my dog(s) and I, you are helping to raise much needed funds for Guide Dog puppies in training. Did you know it costs in excess of $50,000 to breed, raise and train just one Guide Dog pup?!

PAWlease, will you show your supPAWt by donating to me today? Anything you can give will help.

With your supPAWt we can change people’s lives by helping current Guide Dog puppies in training. Plus, it will also inspire me and my pooch to complete our 30 minutes each day!

Paws out!

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Thank you to my SupPAWters


Suzette Chisholm


Michelle Cunningham

As your co-worker we talk daily about our love of animals and this fundraiser no question, it's to do with dogs in particular so I'm in to donate. More lollies are in order for August 😋


Tracey Parker


Virginia Devine

Good luck hope you get the funding you need


Barry Rowe


Yasmin, Brian, Sean & Georgia

Good luck with your fund drive and have fun along the way. Happy Walking!


June Izzard

Wish you well for your commitment to helping a worthwhile cause.


Nicole Jeffs


Paula White

All the very best in raising funds Suzette. August month you will be requesting my Protein Chocolate Balls at Work more often. Good luck, keep on walking 👟👟


Sarah Berg


Tobey Chisholm

Here Mum, from some of my birthday money.


Isabella & Clinton

We’re so proud of you! We hope to reach your goal and thank you your raising money for an important cause.


Campbell Chisholm


Warren Izzard

Glad to donate to help our loved one reach her goal along with her furball and to support The Guide Dogs from my fishing account!


Anabelle Chisholm

Thank you Mum for doing this for the Guide Dogs. It is a good thing to do I'm proud of you.


Natalie Chisholm

I can spare these few dollars from my stash.