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Back to work!

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work we go! Jumped on 3 seperate buses to get to work and then again on the way home!But even with the bitter cold today we managed to walk around the galleries of work 3 times as wellas our normal routes to buses etc.

We got 7 km in while indoors and introduced Dudley to a number of school kids who were a little suprised to see a dog in the Museum!

We’ll have a similar day tomorrow, but hopefullyt we will be able to get out in the sunshine for our usual lunchtime woalk around Lake Burley Griffin! If you are cyclist and you see us out there on the SHARED paths, plese use your bell or call out to let us know you are coming near us in either direction!

It’s home time!

 Dudley and I slept in until 5 am! Doesn’t sound like much… But I’ll get what I can get! I will admit, after feeding Dudley I went back to bed and so didDudley. We then got up again at 8 am! 

We worked down to the local shops to check our post office box and then moved on to Dudley‘s favourite spot… The off leash overgrown Oval before a recreation walk home! Dudley checked the drain at the oval to ensure there were no missing cats hiding there again!

 After lunch, we went into the shopping mall and walked around for quite some time. We also went down to my mothers place to check on it and then took the long way home. We’ve had a total of 7 km today! 

We return to work tomorrow! Expect a few more kilometres on top of the usual seven we’ve been doing lately. 

Dudley reunite with his puppy raiser!

Hello all!

Today was a bit of a fun day as we were heading home. Started off with a rec walk for Dudley around Chatswood Park and Ovals. Then the highlight of the trip for Dudley.

We waited outside the Chatswood Station for Dudley’s puppy raiser. This would be the first time they have seen each other in 15 months! When they arrived, Dudley was calm at first and then he recognised them! Jumping around and rearing like a horse waving his front paws around and hugging her.I gave her a framed photo of Dudley in his harness and a cast of Dudley’s paw as a thank you and memento of Dudley’s career as a guide dog!

After a few hours chatting and some photos for Dudley’s puppy raiser, we parted and headed off on another quick walk before heading for the Sydney Airport to come home.

With all that walking and fun we had a total of 7 km for the day and Dudley is happy to be home in his own bed enjoying a puzzle treat ball!

Conference day 2

Hello all!

Well, today was the second day of our conference here in Sydney, so pretty light on the kilometres! Total of 5km doing the walk to and from Luna Park, Milsons Point and Chatswood stations.

Just a little reminder for all; when you see a working guide dog in harness when you are out with your dogo, please oh plese keep your dog on a lead, let the handler know you have a dog and which side of the handler you are on.

On the boardwalk of Luna Park today there were numerous off lead dogs and wnen one tried to interfere with Dudley’s work, a friend shielded him and was then yelled at by the irresponsible owner who was jogging ahead of his dog. 

Tomorrow is a special day for Dudley! But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out why!

Hello from Luna Park!

We spent the majoirity of the day at Luna Park for our conference. Started the day with a walk about Chatswood before jumping on the train and walking from Milson’s Point Staton to Luna Park......a very steep hill and lots of stairs! Very little grass around so had a long walk to find any for Dudley’s comfort more than twice.


Did it all in reverse this afternoon for a total of 6km for the day It will be a pretty similar day for Friday before a reunion for Dudley on Saturday! See ya all tomorrow!

Cockatoo Island to Luna Park!

Hello all!

Today, Dudley and I spent the day at Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour as part of our confernece. We walked the island from bottom to top to bottom and that rise up the hill is not gentle, but the views are apparently brilliant!


We also had a short walk around Chatswood in the morning and Luna Park this afternoon. A quiet day after Dudley’s big day with the girls yesterday with only 6 km to show for it!


Tomorrow will be a quiet day with day one of the conference, but we’ll get some walking to and from the venue and around Chatswood!

What a brilliant, fun day!

Hello all!

We started the day by exploring how to get to Luna Park for our conference later this week. Walked up to Chatswood staton and then from Milsons Point Station to Luna Park and that hill is not gentle! In either direction!

We then moved on to Wynward Station and jumped on to a ferry to Cockatoo Island from Barangeroo jetty and back again.

We then went on to a friend’s place who we hadn’t seen for two years almost, where Dudley met up with a new Lady friend and Poppi from @ILostMyBall fame on Twitter and Instagram! See picture below for the cuteness!

The 2 girls gave Dudley a run for his money! He ended up doing his longest run ever of 9.06 km! He even had to have an afternoon nap before round 2 of playing with the girls.

Tomorrow is day 1 of our Accessibility conference with an excursion and workshop to Cockatoo Island and then on to Luna Park for the conference exhibition....will Dudley beat today’s record? Well, tune in tomorrow night for our next update!

We’re in Sydney!

Guide Dog Dudley and I flew to Sydney today for a hectic week of training, socialising, conference presentation and reunion with Dudley’s puppy raisers.

Below is a photo of the two of us on our QANTAS flight. Dudley is becoming quite the flyer and getting more comfortable with the landings. We had help once we landed with our friend Jo Weir and Guide Dog Wiley who showed us the ropes to the Airport train, Central station and to our hotel.

After lunch we met up with Andrew from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, a guide dog mobility instructor, who helped us both to build our confidence and competence moving around the obstacles, platforms and crowds of Central station without help from others.

Although we have only completed 6km today, Dudley probably doubled that with thinking time and concentration, keeping us safe and on track. See a photo of the two of us on platform 16 below.

Tomorrow we’re off to orientate ourselves with the conference venues and then we’re off to meet up with Dudley’s friend Poppi, from Lacey’s Gift team, and meet one of the newer guide dogs, Lady.

See you all tomorrow!

What a day today!

Hey all,

Today was a great day! Guide Dog Dudley, my wife and I were on a combined working and recreation walk with an added off leash run on the designated off leash area. Dudley ran up to a storm drain, sniffed, darted back and ran away. A little concerned, my wife investigated the drain and we found a beautiful ginger and white cat. 

Turns out this little cat was one reported missing on 24 July by a letterbox drop and has food allergies! We coaxed him out with some hoki fish cubes and the owner was contacted by another walker. Gingernut is now reunited with his owner! Who is very happy and donated the reward she was offering to Pawgust! Thank you!


We then had a wonderful walk around Lake Ginninderra with John and his GD Jazzy and Lindy with GD Comet (see the photos on this page). Just a reminder to all, no matter how small your dog, your dog must be a lead outside of the designated off lead aeras, especially in the carpark! It keeps everyone safe, particularly guide dogs in harness and on duty!

Scott and Guide Dog Dudley are raising funds to support Guide Dogs Australia to train even more guide dogs for the blind & vision impaired!

My best mate, Dudley the Guide Dog, and I are taking part in PAWGUST 2019 on behalf of Guide Dogs Australia because I'm passionate about helping Guide Dog puppies in training and supporting people in our community living with disability. Especially as I have received such a gift myself.

During the month of August, Dudley and I will be walking a minimum of 30 minutes and then some a day for 30 days (exceeding 6km every day which is no small feat in the winter weather!) to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs and support their puppies currently in training around the country.

By supporting Dudley the Guide Dog and I, you are helping to improve the quality of life for all Aussies living with disability, and to give the puppies the best start in their journey to becoming successful and much loved Guide Dogs.

Dudley the Guide Dog and I ask you to please show your support by donating to us today? Anything you can give will help.

With your support we can change people’s lives by helping current Guide Dog puppies in training. Plus, it will also inspire me and Dudley the Guide Dog to complete more than 6km each day!

Thank you so much.

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Thankyou so much to Dudley for finding Gingernut! Appreciate it so much guys :)


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Leanne Houston

Hi Scott and Dudley Well done walking in the Canberra cold! I met and played with your lovely sister Dora. She is a great Guide Dog too. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Love from Essie (6 month old Guide Dog puppy)


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Keep racking up those kilometres Scott and Dudley!


Tony Burrett

Keep racking up those kilometres Scott and Dudley!


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Good luck and stay warm! Jo and Wiley


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Good luck and try not to get too cold


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Dear Scotty, I'm looking forward to joining you and Dudley on your PAWgust walks. Cheers, CJ